The quality of a great wine starts in the vineyard. On the contrary to cluttered vines of the past, for today’s grapes less is more. We strongly believe in that and carry out a grape selection and yield reduction in the vineyard to increase the quality of the grapes. Only healthy and fully ripened grapes are used for our wines. This carful handling of the land, the vine stock and the vine as well as the love for the landscape and the vineyards are essential for a product of unique character.

Wine-growing area

Illmitz is located on the east shore of the Neusiedlersee and is Austria’s lowest town with only 117 meters above sea level.  A high number of sunny days, endless plains and a variety of nature are characteristic for the area, called the Seewinkel. The unique climate of the Seewinkel – shaped by dry, hot summers and cold winters – the influence of the Pannonian plains and the Neusiedler See as well as the many small saltwater ponds create a special terroir, leading to wines with elegance, freshness and salty minerality. Additionally the soil provides perfect conditions, from fine sandy, to loose gravel and to black earth soils. With this unique microclimate the region is one of the most climatically favored winegrowing regions worldwide.